value. Measured.

You create economic value.
We measure it, SO you can create more value.


Valuation metrics for the private equity community.


Valuation analytics for the demanding key stakeholders.


Valuation coaching for financial officers and their team.

why valmetrics?

Everyone talks about value creation, but what is it exactly? How can it be measured fairly and systematically? Valmetrics tries to answer these questions using economic, financial, and analytical tools. This is quite different from the occasional (annual) evaluation of a company: It's about understanding and measuring the ongoing and holistic process of value creation and empowering stakeholders to do better.

who is it for?

Valmetrics serves startups to mid-sized companies in the private equity industry. Our solutions are ideal for operators who want to go beyond spreadsheets, have a deep understanding of their business, and develop a system to measure value creation. We talk not only to CEOs, CFOs, and shareholders but also to consultants and business analysts. We call them v-operators (value-driven operators) and v-analysts (value-driven analysts).

How can it help?

Valmetrics makes economic value creation real and sustainable. Once a company understands value creation, it can perform better, break invisible glass ceilings, close the gap in stakeholder expectations, and make an actual difference in the world. Valmetrics was developed for SMEs that do not want to remain blind, aimless, undervalued, or even at risk of one day being out of business.

economic value driven by human values

we support value creators

We support and promote those who work hard to create real economic value and those who support them—we bring them what they need to succeed and be rewarded.

we are analytical, not transactional

Always in search of unbiased transparency, truth, and fairness, we engage in analyzing and modeling economic complexity. Transactions take place elsewhere.

we see beyond economics

Although economic value is our focus, we see it as the first step in creating additional value—both social and environmental. Together, let's create value that matters.

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